Breath Deeply and Enjoy; New Yoga Program at SNW

By February 28, 2012General News

Meet Wendy Markgraf, our new Yoga instructor:

Wendy is certified in Vinyasa style level 1 yoga through YOGAFIT and had been practicing yoga for almost a year. She is also a graduate of Blue Heron Academy, school of healing arts. She has earned her Medical Massage Therapist certification and Holistic Health Practitioner’s certificate. Wendy is married with four children  and enjoys most outdoor activities including running kayaking and golf. Adding yoga to her lifestyle has helped create that balance so many of us are missing. Yoga is a great compliment to exercise routines as well as massage.

Wendy will be teaching 2 classes per week beginning the week of March 4th; Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Thursdays at 10:00 am. Be sure and get registered before they fill up.

Please enjoy the letter from Wendy below as she explains a little more about the Yoga philosophy:

Dear Future Yogis,

Yoga is one of India’s six great ancient philosophies.  The science of yoga is unique in that it encompasses all types of problems associated with the human condition.  It is believed to have originated 5000-6000 years ago.  Yoga is not a religion; instead, it is a physical and psychological discipline.

We will practice a Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga, which means “a flowing style of yoga for health”.  It is the physical aspect of the practice.  It renews, invigorates, and heals the body—stretching and strengthening the muscles, joints, and spine and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs.  Our practice of Hatha Yoga will help us balance our bodies and minds.

Before beginning our Yoga practice, we must first realize that Yoga is a journey, not a destination.  Each day when we wake up, our bodies feel a little different; therefore, they will react differently as we practice.  No two days will be the same, and we should accept that.  We should remember to breathe, feel, and listen to our bodies.  We should accept who we are at each moment.  We should let go of competition with, or judgment toward, ourselves and others, so that we may fully experience the joy of movement.

Guidelines for Yoga Practice:

  • We should inform our instructor of any special conditions.
  • We should avoid eating one hour prior to our practice.
  • We should dress in layers so that we may adapt to our environment as necessary.  Our bottom layer of clothing should be snug, (sports bra or stretchy tank) as we will be moving and bending throughout our practice.
  • We should practice in bare feet.
  • We should practice on a Yoga mat.
  • We should bring a towel and water with us to practice.
  • We should refrain from wearing perfume to practice.
  • We should turn off all cell phones before we begin.
  • Let’s do our best to make a commitment to stay all the way through our practice, including Final Relaxation.

I look forward to our journey together!


Wendy Markgraf