Carrie Seewald – Member of the Month

Our May member of the month, Carrie Seewald, is proof that if you follow SNW Fitness’ Healthy 3 program, you will achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Carrie has been a true success story. Besides losing 5.5” in her midsection, reducing her risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol, she has gained confidence, a positive outlook on her future, and physical strength.

Prior to this, she was not athletic in school, nor did she exercise on her own. Carrie never really worried about her health or her weight until, as she put it, “age started catching up” with her and she was having a harder time maintaining her weight. In addition, she began to notice that her self-esteem and confidence were starting to lack.

In 2012, she hired a personal trainer. Carrie said that the accountability, having to schedule an appointment, and having to pay for the services are what helped her get back on track. After her training ended, she started to workout with her friend but it wasn’t enough and she started to regress. She worked out 2-3 times a week for 25 minutes each time but knew she wasn’t pushing herself like she should. She was also struggling with motivation and nobody was holding her accountable.

It wasn’t until November 2017, when she saw a picture from a concert she attended, that she realized she needed to get serious about her health. Carrie’s main daily food staples consisted of Mountain Dew, corn nuts, gummy bears, and fast food almost daily. In addition to a very sedentary job and knowing that she has a family history of heart disease, she decided it was time to contact an old friend.

Carrie has known Heather, owner of SNW Fitness, since they were in their teens. She knew Heather would be able to help. Heather suggested she try a week of free classes.  She also told Carrie about the Healthy3 program.  This program includes nutritional education, lifestyle change guidance, personal training, and unlimited group classes. Carrie took Heather’s advice and, after her free week, signed up to do the Healthy3 program. She was excited to start because she knew she would be getting the support, guidance, and accountability that she had been lacking.

Carrie came prepared to each of her scheduled appointments and completed her homework diligently. She says that because she was paying for these services she knew she had to take advantage of all that the program had to offer. Because of this dedication, she has been very successful and is still going strong.

Carrie is proud of the fact that she started something and has stayed with it to the end.  She feels that she has truly turned over a new leaf. She feels strong and is confident that the changes she has made are embedded into her daily life now. Carrie no longer craves the junk foods that she once ate daily.   She now cooks at home, which she never did previously. She and her husband rarely eat out.  When they do, she is much more aware of the choices she makes. She also noticed that she is smiling much more, her self-esteem has improved, and she feels good about her future.

Carrie said that everything about her life is different including how she eats, her attitude, and her confidence. She said that if she didn’t take the step to seek out help with SNW Fitness, she would still be climbing up on the scale. If she could tell people anything, it would be, “you are your biggest obstacle” and that “it’s never too late to start.”