Fruity Pizza

By April 30, 2020Recipes

Want to bring fruit to the picnic but not the same old bowl of chopped fruit? Try this simple and fun recipe. It will be the talk of the picnic.

1 medium watermelon
1 cup Greek yogurt, plain, unsweetened
1/4 cup strawberries, sliced
1/4 cup blackberries, cut in half
1/4 cup cherries, cut in half
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup mango, diced small
Honey, to taste
Fresh mint leaves (optional)

1. Cut a 2 inch thick round slice right out of the middle of the watermelon. This is your “crust”.
2. Slice up your fruit as directed above.
3. Assemble the pizza by spreading the Greek yogurt on (the “sauce”) and topping with fruit.
4. Drizzle lightly with honey.
5. Optional: chop fresh mint and garnish with it.