Hit Your Goals Faster with Heart Rate Training

By November 11, 2019Monthly Newsletter

What is heart rate training?
Heart rate training is exercising within a specific zone to achieve a specific outcome. Based on your goals, you can use your heart rate to help you achieve them quicker. Here at the studio, we use the MyZone to take all the guess work out. It figures out what your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate are and then breaks it down in easy to use colors and percentages.

The resting heart rate (RHR) is the number of beats your heart does in one minute when you are resting. You are usually at rest while sleeping or sitting quietly. This is the slowest your heart beats. The RHR varies for many reasons including fitness level, age, gender, genetics, hormones, and medications.

The maximum heart rate (MHR) is the most times your heart can beat in a minute during exercise. This number also has many factors that play into it. Devices like MyZone use a basic formula to figure out what it should be based on averages. However, everyone is a little different with a multitude of variables influencing it. The MyZone will adjust your maximum heart rate if you rise above it’s formulated one. This adjustment will allow you to get more accurate information.

What are the training zones?
Knowing which zone you are training in can have a huge impact on how quickly you see the results you are after. The table below show the specific zones and their related colors the MyZone system uses to guide you. The same information can be true with other systems. However, they may break their zones up differently and use different colors.

How can I use it to be more successful?
There are a number of ways you can use your MyZone, or other heart rate training device, to help you succeed. The first step is to decide what outcome you want to achieve and then apply that to how you use the information. Some ways you can use it include:

  • Working towards consistency using the calendar to show how many workouts you have done.
  • Working toward enough MEPs (MyZone Effort Points – a way to measure overall effort) to meet the World Health Organization’s recommendations for health. You need 1300 MEPs per month to hit the minimum activity levels for health.
  • Challenging yourself within a workout to hit specific zones based on your goals.
  • Working with a trainer or coach to set goals and utilize the MyZone to reach those goals such as quicker run times, greater length of time able to workout, quicker recovery periods, improved respiratory functions, greater heart strength, weight loss, and mood and energy improvements.
  • Having an accountability partner, set goals around the number of workouts, average percentage, calories burned, etc. Connect on MyZone and encourage each other to hit those goals.
  • Using your MyZone during the holiday hustle (include link to info) to help stay accountable to workouts through the busy holiday season. Must must be a member to participate

If you are interested in discussing your goals further and how you can use a MyZone to help you get there, be sure to connect with us. We would be happy to help you come up with a plan and hold you accountable to it. If you don’t have a MyZone yet, please take advantage of the following specials to get started:

Member special: $79 now through November 23rd.
Non-members: use code SNWUS001 at Myzone.org to get it for $99