In Honoring Her Mother’s Memory, Stephanie Found Her Health

By October 19, 2016General News

Stephanie M B&A

Throughout her adult life, Stephanie’s mother had been her inspiration and dearest friend. Her mother brought great love and goodness into her life. Through the years she encouraged Stephanie to lose some weight so she could live a healthier life, but she struggled to do so. However, earlier this year her mother passed away. To honor her mother, and be there for her daughter, she knew she had to begin taking better care of herself. She was tired of yo-yoing and knew that to continue to be the caregiver she is to so many, she had to become her own cheerleader and begin caring for herself. She knew that she would only be able to do so with God’s help and a strong support system. That is when she reached out to SNW Fitness for help. She decided to go with our Healthy3 program, which includes personal training, group exercise, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle modification. This combination of services helped Stephanie to begin thinking differently about food and to begin to really enjoy exercise.

She now understands what her mom meant by, “You have to take care of your temple.” Stephanie said, “The Lord gave us this temple with a light to shine and we extinguish it by our own devices. Food was putting my light out!” Stephanie struggled with food, but now she has learned to eat to live, not live to eat. She can easily resist the things that used to tempt her, like candy corn and Paydays, because she loves this new lease on life she has found. She is no longer interested in sugar the way she once was. Her tastes have changed and candy is just too sweet. She understands she is going to have good and bad days and encourages others to remember it is up to us to make the change; it has got to be in our heads and hearts. We need to decide what is best for ourselves.


When I asked her what her favorite part of the journey so far was, she said the exercise, specifically the types, and the fact that she had a trainer. She had tried gyms before and didn’t like working out on machines. She liked working with someone who held her accountable, motivated, educated, and encouraged her, and helped her to find exercise she enjoyed.

Now, 42.4 pounds lighter, more than 40 inches and a couple dress sizes smaller, for the first time in her life, Stephanie is comfortable with herself and food is no longer her crutch. If she could give one piece of advice, it would be, “This is the best thing you could ever do for your life, for yourself; think about it. You have to live, laugh and love. As an individual, you have to take care of yourself; you have to take care of your temple.” She went on further to explain that we have to be the person who is ready at all times. We can’t do the work we are called to if we are not physically strong or if we don’t eat the right foods, because we will be too focused on the next meal and we won’t feel good. Like in Judges 7, those who drank the water like a dog got too much and could get more impurities, but those who cupped their hands to bring the water to their mouth got just enough and were able to be part of God’s calling.

Stephanie was full of so many encouraging and wise thoughts. We concluded our discussion with this, Stephanie said, “Take care of yourself and have fun doing it. Get excited about falling in love with yourself. It will keep you on the road to true wellness.”

Thank you so much Stephanie for an inspirational discussion! I look forward to seeing how your journey continues to unfold!