Julie Erickson – MOM

By March 21, 2018Member Of The Month

Julie Earickson MOM AfterOur Member of the Month for March, Julie Erickson, wasn’t quite sure why she would have been nominated. She didn’t think she “qualified” for this type of spotlight because she “didn’t have that significant of a change”. However, this is far from the truth. Not all changes are tangible, in fact, some of the most significant changes happen within, as in Julie’s case.

Julie worked in the medical field for more than 40 years, retiring in October 2013. Her husband retired that following March.  Married in 2003, Julie and her new husband, Billy, settled into a comfortable routine, which included more eating. The fall after their wedding, Julie’s autoimmune disorders flared up and she was placed on Prednisone. Over the course of the next 5 years, she noticed that she was gaining about 10 pounds per year. She figured that once she went off the medication she would lose the weight, however, that was not the case.

Having worked in the medical field for so long, she knew something had to be done. She had always done some sort of video workout at home, mostly walking videos, but nothing consistent. Julie said that she never really pushed herself to work up a sweat.  She had done Weight Watchers and Curves in the past, to try and work on both her nutrition and fitness, but both became very redundant. Julie went to the meetings and, although she did learn how to start tracking her food, she soon discovered that the group discussions just didn’t fit her liking. With Curves, she found that going in repeated circles was too mundane and she lost interest.

She knew she had to do something and she could no longer allow herself to gain 10 pounds a year. Julie decided to take action and reached out to a co-worker and friend, Judy. She suggested checking out our website snwfitness.com. She explained to Julie that SNW Fitness is not a gym. Julie took her advice and saw that she could check us out for a week free. She admitted that she was very skeptical but was willing to give it a try.

Julie was pleasantly surprised with the supportive, encouraging, and friendly staff and members. She was also impressed with the cleanliness, how close it was to her home, and that we offer various levels of each move to help with any modifications needed. Julie felt like she had found what she had been looking for and feels good about being with people whom she feels she has many connections.

Julie has also come to love the motivation that the other members, staff, and her MyZone give her. She stated that they all push her to work harder, especially her MyZone, unlike anything before. In addition to these motivators, her husband Billy is extremely supportive. He works out with her at home, helps chose healthy meals, inquires as to what activity they are in store for for the day, and is even coming with her to one of her personal training sessions. She stated that without these motivators and the support from her husband, in addition to her friend Judy and her very close niece, she would not have been able to make this great of a lifestyle change.

Julie said that when she signed up with SNW Fitness it was like getting a B.O.G.O deal. In addition to her changes, her husband has lost 20 lbs. just by following her example with the changes she has made. In fact, Julie is so committed to her new lifestyle that when they were on vacation in Florida for 8 weeks, they worked out all but about 6 days! She came back with less inches and pounds! Who does that when you’re on vacation for 2 months?

Julie stated that she is more optimistic and realistic about her future health; more so than she ever has been. She also noted that she sleeps better and has more energy. Julie wants anyone who may be reading her story to know that it all starts with a mindset. In fact, it took her seven to eight years to decide. She said, “get started even if it’s one class a week.”

She would tell you that this is the place to be for support, encouragement, accountability, cleanliness, friendliness, ever-changing workout routines, and to achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals. Julie said that she knew she had really made a lifestyle change when she showed up on a cold, windy, and rainy November evening after coming from the comfort of her nice warm house. She couldn’t even believe that she did it because that was something that she never would have done in the past.

It’s amazing to watch our members transform right before our eyes. It’s one of the best rewards that come with working in the health and fitness field. Julie’s transformation has been a pleasure to watch and an honor to be part of. She has been an inspiration for many here at SNW Fitness and we’re confident that she will inspire many more in years to come.