Kitchen Detox

Pat Benatar said, “life is a battlefield”. Well if life is a battlefield, then the kitchen is a minefield. It is a minefield of potential poor choices. How then can you avoid these hidden death traps? With knowledge and a little effort. In today’s article, you will learn three simple steps to clean out your kitchen followed by a chart to get you started. When you have mastered these items, you can further your health by only choosing items that are organic, free-range, and/or wild caught whole foods that are free of food colorings and preservatives. The more work on improving your food sources, the greater your health potential becomes.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started:

1. Start Small
First, don’t go all out and clean out your cupboard, refrigerator and freezer. This will only leave you with little food and a very large grocery bill. Instead, focus on only one area at a time. Pick the cupboard, refrigerator or freezer. Or start smaller and focus on one cupboard or just the refrigerator door. With very little training, you already intuitively know the worst area for you. It may be in beverages, snacks, pre-made meals. Start in one of these areas and work from there.

2. Pay Attention
Next, note what you are tossing so you have an idea of what you want to replace it with. Use the chart below to help you identify foods that are better choices and add them to your grocery list. For example, if you started with your refrigerator door and have elected to toss the French and Ranch dressings, be sure to add either a naturally low sugar vinaigrette or oil and vinegar to your list.

3. Take Your Time
Finally remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s okay if it takes you months or even years to fully detox your kitchen. Each step you make toward healthier eating will go a long way toward you and your family’s better health.