Member of the Month – Barb Bosma

By March 28, 2019Member Of The Month


Our member of the month for March is Barb Bosma. Barb has been married for 25 years, has 3 grown children, and has found a new lease on life. She had always struggled with her weight but, as she grew older, it started to interfere with her activities of daily living. Barb had a hard time crossing her legs with out feeling like she was suffocating; she was struggling to go up and down her stairs at home, and was starting to experience heartburn.

As a child, Barb was active. She could be found outside, usually cutting the grass, shoveling, or gardening with her mother. When she became an adult, she became more sedentary but still did a few things for fun. Barb participated on a bowling league with her husband for about 10 years.  In addition, she also golfed on a women’s league for over 20 yrs.  Barb also rides her bike and enjoys fishing and camping.  However, because of her arthritic knees, she had to slow down until they were replaced.

In June of 2018, Barb and her husband went on a fishing vacation in which they had to fly. She said that it was the most uncomfortable plane ride she had even taken. She was stuck in the middle seat and felt trapped. The seats were not big enough and the people she was sitting in between were also “good-sized” people.  It was at that point she knew that she never wanted to feel like this again.

Her doctor had been telling her to lose some weight as she was getting close to being placed on blood pressure medication, which she did not want. Between a nudge from her doctor and her fishing trip experience, Barb decided to take action. Her goals were weight loss and improved over-all health.

She remembered one of her friends talking about SNW Fitness so she decided to call. Having had double knee-replacement surgery, Barb knew she did not want a typical gym. She had tried one previously and found that she couldn’t do what they were instructing and they gave no alternatives to the moves.  This was demoralizing.

Starting out with a simple phone call followed by a meeting with Heather, Barb decided to start out with Personal Training with Heidi. Soon after, she became a member. She said that she has had the best results with SNWFitness. Barb had done weight watchers a couple of times and would lose 20-30 lbs but always gain it back; same with “dieting”.   As she became older, she found it was harder to lose so she just gave up.

Barb said this time is different because, “this is more of a life change versus a diet, I have a feeling of being in charge rather than relying on eating “special foods” to lose weight.” Barb added that portion control was also a big factor.

Barb says that she feels good and loves SNWFitness. What she likes best is that we do not act like drill sergeants, we are not condescending, and we give different options throughout each workout. Some of her favorite classes include Muscle Madness, Evening Heat, and Trainer’s Choice.

Barb is very proud of how well she has done. She has lost approximately 60 pounds since August 2018. She knows that hard work pays off. In fact, Barb’s total cholesterol was at 214 and is now 177. If she could give one piece of advice it would be this, “Do it anyway.” We all know exactly what that means. Get rid of the excuses. You can do this. When you are ready you will know as did Barb.