Member of the Month: Brandi T.

By August 20, 2018Member Of The Month

Brandi T. FBOur Member of the Month for August is Brandi Tindall. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I just don’t have time to workout. I have kids, work, a spouse, dinner, homework, extra curricular school activities for the kids and I deserve to just sit”, you’re not alone. However, Brandi seems to find time, rather, create time, to fit it all in. Her drive, commitment, and routine are standout characteristics that make her successful, but it’s definitely not easy.

Brandi is a busy wife, mother, and teacher, among other hats she wears throughout her days but somehow always finds the time to get in a workout. Ever since school, Brandi has been an active person. She was athletic in school, has a passion for running, and, before she became a member at SNW Fitness, she always worked out in her basement to videos.

Over time, Brandi was losing her momentum and her self-motivation was starting to lag. She was talking to a friend one day and they mentioned that she should check out SNW Fitness, so she did. She loved it. Brandi found that it wasn’t anything like she had thought.

She loves that it’s not overcrowded, the members are welcoming, friendly, and supportive, and she also loves the instructors. Brandi likes that she can get her strength and cardio done early in the morning, then get on with her day. Her favorite classes include “Heat”, which utilizes the TRX suspension straps, and Muscle Madness, which is 100% strength.

It may sound like Brandi never runs into challenges; however, she has faced her share of obstacles. She has suffered various injuries from running. At one point, her knee hurt her so bad that she couldn’t run for 3 months. To a runner, that feels like a lifetime.

Brandi said she loves that she can still do classes at SNW Fitness.  This is due in part because Heather helps her with variations of moves so that she can still workout effectively but without pain. She also stated that she is definitely stronger than she was before she started workout out with SNW Fitness even though she was doing workouts at home.

Brandi was chosen for August’s Member of the Month because of her commitment, dedication, and consistency for living an active life. It comes down to priorities and planning. She makes time for running, family, her spouse, and work, along with regular everyday life. As a teacher, she knows how to make things work.

Brandi has found a good balance of work and personal life. As a result, her young children are following in her footsteps and are very active themselves. If she could say one thing to non-members, it would be that “this is a very welcoming, non-judgmental place, and the instructors are amazing.” You need to experience the difference firsthand though to understand.