Member of the Month – Darlene Vanderberg

By December 17, 2018Member Of The Month

Darlene V. - article picOur member of the month for December is Darlene Vanderberg. One of her passions is teaching. Darlene taught 1st graders for 40 years. She is now fills her time by teaching machine embroidery classes and focusing on her health and fitness at SNW Fitness. Darlene had never been an exerciser. After her retirement in 2009, she noticed that her energy level was slipping and she was tiring more and more easily.

It wasn’t until June of 2018, at a doctor’s appointment, that Darlene decided that she didn’t want to add more medications to her list. She felt like every time she went to the doctor’s office, her meds went up. It was at this point that she decided that she was not going to go that route.

Darlene’s main goals turned to improving her blood work, feeling better, and gaining more energy. She doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone and wants to be an active senior citizen. Darlene decided to take action.

Initially, Darlene heard about SNW Fitness from her cousin back in 2010 but decided against it at that time. A few years later, in a quilting class, she was noticing how much her friend and member of SNW Fitness, Kris R., had changed. After speaking with Kris about her success, she decided to contact SNW Fitness and give it another try.

After meeting with Heather, and having discussed her goals in depth, she decided that our Healthy3 program was where she was going to start. This included taking group classes.

Darlene really enjoys the interpersonal relationships, sense of community, and camaraderie she has found at SNW Fitness. She is most proud of having lost almost 50 pounds and over 40 inches! In addition, her metabolic age (the average age associated with ones metabolism) went from 50 to 46 and her fat percentage went from 44.6% to 32.8! Darlene has also had her diabetic and blood pressure medications lowered. Additionally, her A1C went from 7.3 to 6.7. Although these numbers are very impressive, she is also  much stronger, her endurance and energy level have both increased significantly, and her heart is much healthier.

Darlene stated, “I’m 70-years old, with a bad shoulder, bad knee, and 50 pounds overweight. If I can do this, you definitely can too!” She is very hopeful for her future. She looks forward to being more active with her grandkids, continuing her health journey, and being an active senior citizen, which was one of her initial goals.

Darlene is a great example of making up your mind and taking the bull by the horns to make it happen. Only through action was Darlene able to take back control over her health and wellness. Darlene has shown us that it’s never too late to get started working on improving yourself no matter age or physical condition.