Member of the Month – Dawn Hall

jpegShe Found Herself and Is Loving Life

I think each and every one of us can read Dawn’s story and find a piece of ourselves in it. As a wife, mother and nurse to a disabled boy, she has spent her life very busy taking care of everyone else. She generously gave of herself to everyone else. However, she did not take care of herself. In the back of her mind she knew she needed to exercise and eat better, but struggled to ever stick with anything. As a matter of fact tragedy struck her home 10 years ago sending her into a very dark place of sadness and serious self-doubt that she struggled to get out of. Then, upon returning to work in the fall and seeing her friend Angie’s amazing transformation, she knew she had to take a chance. She joined Angie’s Thinner Winner team along with two other co-workers. In joining the classes, she came out of her normally shy shell and began to flourish. As a matter of fact I literally laughed out loud when she said she was shy. That is not the Dawn I know! Between the support of her husband Dwayne, exercise, camaraderie of fellow members, and support of the SNW Fitness team, Dawn found her way out of her dark hole and began to live again.

Now, 27.6 pounds lighter and 33.5 inches smaller, Dawn is feeling strong and confident and truly inspired to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. As a matter of fact the once shy woman was in the spotlight, along with one of our other members, as the two of them duked it out for the title of the Huff & Puff champion over the holidays! Additionally she is super excited to try new things like a mud run, the Polar Plunge, zip lining, parasailing, and paddle boarding.

Looking toward the future her goals are to look as young as she feels, to beat her time running the seaway run this year and have her grandchildren run it with her in future years, to be a fun, active grandma, and to lose another 20 pounds while firming up her now svelte body.

If she could give others a piece of advice it would be, “Just take the initial step. I’m a perfect example of taking the risk, putting yourself out there and reaping the benefits. You’ve got to have the support system.”

What is most amazing about Dawn’s journey is that she found herself in it. She is happy with the weight loss and the fitness. But, what she is happiest with is that she now loves what her internal landscape looks like.

Thank you Dawn for sharing your story with us! I am super excited to hear all the stories of your upcoming adventures. I’m pretty sure you are already a cool grandma and are already inspiring the future generations to live a fun, active life!