Member of the Month – Helene Landon

By November 19, 2018Member Of The Month

Helene L. FBHelene Landon is SNW Fitness’ Member of the Month for November. Coincidentally, it also marks her 2-year cancer-free anniversary!

Helene, and her husband of 40 years, moved here from Kalamazoo in 2014. She found herself taking care of her ailing mother who was in Hospice and she started working part-time. In November 2016, Helene was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery two weeks later. After her surgery, she had lost 30lbs, felt weak, and now was starting to lose steam fast.

One night, at an employee Christmas party, she found herself in a health and fitness discussion with Heather David, the owner of SNW Fitness. She had told Heather about her recent cancer surgery and how she felt very weak. She was also concerned about her lack of strength because, as she was helping take care of her ailing mother, she couldn’t help but think if her mother had been more active and stronger, would she have had a better quality of life? Helene knew that she did not want to end up like that so she decided to take action.

Helene started personal training at SNW Fitness. After 12 weeks of working on her nutrition, some lifestyle changes, and fitness with her personal trainer, she decided to become a member at SNW Fitness. Slowly but surely she became stronger. Not only was she stronger, she was healthier given her cleaner eating habits. In fact, Helene’s metabolic age, a number calculated through a persons BMR that indicates the average age associated with the type of metabolism, went from 46yrs old to 36yrs old.

She is a regular at SNW Fitness now. Helene stated that she likes the positive environment. She is proud of the fact that she can keep up in her classes. She is up to working out 4 days a week, consistently. In addition to her consistency with workouts, she has tracked/logged her meals for the past 659 days in her MyFitnessPal app, and her husband is not too far behind her.

Helene is very optimistic about her future. She currently volunteers. She is grateful because she has more energy, she’s more active, and she knows that her quality of life is better.

Over the past few years, Helene has worked through some major life situations but is still going strong on her health and fitness journey. If Helene could pass on one piece of advice, it would be, “This is a lifestyle change, not deprivation. It is truly one day at a time.”