Member of the Month – Jodee Tuttle

By January 19, 2019Member Of The Month

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Our member of the month for January is Jodee Tuttle. She has been a teacher for 26 years, is married and has 2 children. Exercise had always been a part of her life but she would go in spurts. She would exercise for a few months, or more, and then stop altogether. Until Jodee found support, motivation, and a sense of community that all keep her going, even when it gets hard.

Jodee’s path to SNW Fitness was an interesting one. In the summer of 2017, Jodee and her daughter had just picked up a pizza, something they enjoy doing together, and headed to the lake to enjoy. It just so happened that Debi, one of the personal trainers at SNW Fitness, was leading a beach workout. Debi and Jodee worked together previously so she recognized Jodee, struck up a conversation in the parking lot, and invited her and her daughter to join in on the workout. They were excited and eager to participate as they both like being physically active.

After the workout, Debi gave Jodee a business card and a Free Week’s Trial pass to checkout SNW Fitness. Shortly thereafter, Jodee met with Heather regarding her goals, struggles, and they devised a plan of action. Jodee’s main focus was her nutrition. She also wanted to become more consistent with working out and increase her muscle tone.  Jodee and Heather worked for about 4 months with coaching and accountability, in addition to taking fitness classes.  She decided that SNW Fitness was what she needed. Jodee loves the classes and the instructors. She also likes that the members are always welcoming, always encouraging, and not judgmental. Additionally, she appreciates that various levels are offered within each class.

Jodee has come a long way with both her nutrition and her fitness. As a matter of fact one of the things she is most proud of is that she can do regular push-ups. And then there was the plank challenge her son’s friend dared her to. Whoever held it longest won. She won that challenge against a 16 yr. old boy. Not only was he impressed, so were the others boys that had gathered around to watch. She said, “It feels good to be strong”.

Jodee is excited about her healthy future. She did not want to go down the same path as her mother and father and their health related issues as they aged. Since beginning this journey, she has changed her routine in some great ways. For one, she now plans ahead the previous day for her 5:00 am workout, and is consistent. She noted that being a morning person has been a long-time goal. It’s safe to say she has definitely hit that goal!

Jodee found a safe place full of community, encouragement, and support. She noted, “SNW Fitness is the place to achieve complete wellness. All the components are here, it’s like a one-stop shop.” She likes that SNW Fitness not only focuses on exercise but also lifestyle changes and nutrition.

Jodee is very happy that she found the place that fit her lifestyle. There is something to be said about being in the right place at the right time. You never know when an opportunity to better your life will knock on your door. Don’t be afraid to see what’s behind that door.