Member of the Month – Laurie Kern

By April 22, 2019Member Of The Month

DSC02806Our member of the month for April is Laurie Kern. She has been married to Frank for 36 years, has 2 grown children, Stephen and Michelle, and 1 faithful canine companion, Macie. Laurie has been in the health care field since 1980, starting at Mercy Hospital in Muskegon. Throughout the years her position within the healthcare system has changed many times yet she is sure to keep one thing consistent and that is making sure she gets her workout in.

Growing up, she saw both sides of the health and fitness coin, the inactive side and the active side, along with their future outcomes. Laurie’s mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 25 yrs. old and was not able to be very active. However, on the other side of the coin, her father was much more physically active which kept him in better health. Laurie knew that she did not want to be in pain and have medical problems like her mom did so, as a preventative measure, she always tried to keep active and healthy. Her main activities included mainly biking and walking.

One day, while at church, her friend Phyllis Coombs mentioned SNW Fitness and invited Laurie to join her to check it out. She decided to take her up on her offer, as she wanted to increase her strength, tone up, and try something new.

When she came with Phyllis, she could see that it was different from the other fitness facilities. There seemed to be a sense of community. Laurie liked the education and attentiveness that the instructors gave during class. She soon became a member and she and Phyllis, living close by each other, quickly became accountability partners. This partnership lasted for approximately 7 years, until she moved. However, she kept coming to the studio to get in her 5am workout.

She was a very consistent 5am class participant, from 2009-2018, and then her job changed. Now she was going to be working out of town each week with 3 hr. commutes. Laurie was very concerned about how she was going to get in her workouts. She was also upset that she would not be able to come in to her regular class each morning and see the others member with whom she had developed friendships.

In 2018, SNW Fitness released a brand new online program called Having already been a member, Laurie was able to have access which allowed her to complete her workouts anywhere she had internet access. Laurie was able to adjust her routine and find her new flow. She said that she likes the cardio, resistance training, and tabatas videos the best. When she comes back home on the weekends, she likes to make it to a Saturday class back at the studio.

Laurie, in addition to finding a way to stay consistent with her workouts, she and her husband have cleaned up their nutrition extensively. She feels very positive about their future and is thankful to have been introduced to SNW Fitness and have access to the exercise library on