Member of the Month: Lynn Korabik

By September 19, 2018Member Of The Month

Lynn K. FBOur member of the month is Lynn Korabik. If you are at the point of needing to pull yourself up and out of that place you’ve been stuck in for so many years, that place of stagnation, you will be inspired by Lynn’s story. She has made huge leaps and bounds in just the past 9 months.

Lynn has worked in the accounting field for the past 40 years. She has been married for 37 years, helped raise her 2 sons, and, more recently, has regained her health and spirit.

Before Lynn became a member at SNWFitness, she just didn’t feel good. It wasn’t anything specific; she just didn’t feel good in general, not only about herself, but physically too. She struggled more with her depression and she was definitely not as active. In fact, the last time she really worked out was around 25 years ago.

Lynn was ready for a change. She was tired of being tired. After talking with her friend Barbara and having seen SNWFitness online, she decided to give us a try. Her main goal was to not move up another pant size. She met with Heather for her initial strategy session. They discussed a plan of action. She signed up for personal training and a membership and hasn’t looked back.

Not only did Lynn meet her goal of not going up another pant size, she has gone down 3 pant sizes! She is much more self-confident, feels great both internally and externally, and receives many positive comments about her “new” personality. They notice that she is much more outgoing, conversational, and happy. Her depression is much easier to deal with, as is life in general. She stated that her husband is extremely proud of her accomplishments and is constantly telling her how good she looks which also helps her maintain her motivation.

Lynn is most proud of the fact that she is still doing it after 9 months. She said that she couldn’t imagine not being at SNWFitness. She loves the sense of community, the structure of the classes, and the instructors. Lynn also likes all of the different events and challenges that are held throughout the year. She said that they seem to come at the right time to help keep her going. Lynn also said that having to sign-up for classes ahead of time helps to keep her accountable as well.

Lynn is very optimistic about her future. She has learned that when you put in the work, you get to the point of not wanting to regress and cave in to as many temptations because it feels like you “undo” all of your progress. This, Lynn says, definitely helps keep her on track because she works hard during each workout. In fact, she has added biking and jogging to her exercise routines!

If Lynn could say something to help anyone who may be in the place where she was it would be, “if I can do it, you can do it; don’t give up.” She is amazed at how much better her quality of life is in such a short time. Lynn has a renewed excitement for life and it all started by taking that first step of seeking help.