Member of The Month – Sue Moulds

By September 18, 2017General News

2017-09-12_12-00-27Member of the Month – Sue Moulds
by Heather David

Sue began with us last year, knowing something had to change. Through the years, she has watched as her father’s health has deteriorated with heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. This lead to a heart attack this summer that almost claimed his life. Thankfully he survived but his health battles continue. And to top it off, her parents are being buried under medical bills and constantly running to doctor’s appointments. In spring of 2016 Sue went in for her annual physical and learned she needed to be placed on blood pressure meds. For the first-time Sue realized she was going down that same path as her father.

Sue refused to let that be her story. The trouble was she was so busy. She was overwhelmed by all her family, work, and church obligations that she had no time to exercise and couldn’t find the time to cook healthy food. She was eating fast food and processed food. Sue began searching online for solutions for her busy life style and found SNW Fitness. She called and began slowly. She started with some nutrition coaching, taking baby steps to improving her eating. Then she began adding in some classes. Sue found the classes enjoyable and liked the small class sizes.  But, perhaps most importantly, she loved that the class routines always change.  She found that she loved the variety and never knowing exactly what she was going to do. She started seeing results almost immediately which inspired her to take full advantage of the services of SNW.

Sue’s greatest strength is that she is not a quitter. Once she makes a commitment she sticks to it. Sue sat down and figured out a class schedule that worked in her busy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the reason for her nomination as Member of the Month was because of her strong commitment and consistency. Anyone who comes to the classes she takes knows she will be there. She doesn’t miss. When work tries to crowd her schedule with meetings, they’ve learned that her class times are blocked off. Sue has been known to show up to business meetings in fitness attire which is way outside her comfort zone. Now that is serious commitment! And it is paying off. Because of her consistency she is sleeping better, has more energy, is firming up, and is getting stronger. She even joked that her grown children are “afraid” of her newfound muscles. For Sue, it’s not about what the scale says – it’s about her health and finding balance.

As she looks to the future, Sue sees some wonderful things. For one thing, her family is getting on board with living a healthy lifestyle. They are also beginning to choose to eat better and moving more. Her family appreciates homecooked healthy foods and everyone is trying to cook more. And shortly Sue and her husband are taking a trip of a lifetime to Israel. They will be walking and hiking every day including the rigorous Masada Snake Path, the site of the Zealots last stand against the Romans, originally built as a magnificent palace for Herod the Great. It is atop a great cliff or mesa and is the same path that the ancient warriors used to defend it. It will be difficult but Sue and her husband are looking forward to the challenge!!

If Sue could give advice to those new to their journey, she would offer this, “Don’t let the number on the scale dictate your success. Lots of other important things happen so put your energy there. Enjoy every small success, like giving up artificial sweeteners or sleeping better. Focus on the journey, not the destination”.

That is great advice Sue! Thank you for sharing life with us and inspiring those around you to live healthier and happier lives. The world is a better place with you in it!