Member of the Month: Becky Czarny

Becky Czarny MOM 2Today Becky LOVES exercise. She is excited to come to classes and has yet to have a moment when she thinks she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Her pants are looser. Her blood pressure is textbook healthy. Plus she can breathe easier and recover more quickly when exerting herself. Becky is a new person and she is only four months into this journey.

Let’s go back to the American Legion a couple years back, a few adult beverages and gaggle of girls. Becky was hanging out with her sister-in-laws, one of them being Nerita. At that time Nerita was preparing for her daughters wedding. She wanted to look better in her mother-of-the-bride dress so she suggested they all try Zumba. They found my class online, signed up and a few days later were shaking what their momma gave them in class. Becky enjoyed it but not enough to stick with it; once her series was done, she quit coming. However, Nerita did not. She continued to love exercise and became a member. Over the course of time, she fell in love with Body Combat, following through with getting certified to teach. Being super excited about this new adventure, she did a special Body Combat class that she invited her family to come try it out. Becky wanted to support her, so she tried it out. Shortly thereafter, we offered the month of December free to anyone who wanted to try us out. That’s when Becky got hooked! She loved Body Combat and then began trying out other classes, falling in love with Muscle Madness and Evening Heat. In her passion for this new-found activity level, she invited her son to join her. Adam fell in love with it too. In January, they joined together and have been inspiring others around them ever since.

You see Becky has one of those happy faces. No matter how challenged she is, there is a smile to be seen. Between her happy demeanor and her consistency in the classes, she has inspired many of our other members to give just a little more, to show up more consistently, to reach for new heights. Since she began this journey at the end of last year, she has yet to feel like she wants to quit. Her mindset is one of focus and determination. She attributes her strength of resolve to a couple of things. One, she enjoys the classes so much that she looks forward to coming. Enjoying it makes it so much easier for her to stay the course. Two, her sister has struggled with obesity her whole life. A few months back when she went to visit her in Florida, she saw a whole new sister. She had lost over 50 pounds and has kept it off. Now she lives an active and healthy life. Becky wants to be just like her.

And she is becoming just like her. She has noticed her pants are getting very loose and her legs are looking more toned. People at work are noticing too and commenting on how much she is changing. She was borderline hypertensive and now her blood pressure is within normal limits (119/73 on her last reading)!

What’s beautiful about Becky, besides her sweet spirit, is that she is not after crazy, over-the-top, too fast weight loss. She is after creating healthy habits and balance in her life. She doesn’t want to be skinny; rather, she wants to be fit. To that end, in addition to adding exercise into her life, she has been making small changes to the rest of her life. She has begun eating out less. And now when she eats out, she makes better choices. She has reduced the amount of junk food she eats. Not giving it up all together but having it in moderation. She has been using the MyZone belt and seeing how hard she has to work to burn off the calories. So she uses that to motivate her when she does want to make a poor food choice. She asks herself, “Is this really worth all the hard work it will take to burn off those calories”. Sometimes the answer is yes, and that’s okay. Many times now though it is “Heck no!”

If she can offer advice to those reading, she would say:

  1. Have patience with your self; it will come.
  2. Stick with it!
  3. If I can do it, anyone can. In my mind I am a 150-pound, super-fit woman. I can do this and I WILL do this!

Becky is a prime example of someone who has goals and is willing to put the work in to achieve them. She is also a great example of what finding the right fit for her life can do to propel her forward. Thank you for sharing your story with us Becky. You are an inspiration to others and we appreciate your dedication to your goals. It makes being a trainer, who gets to walk alongside you, amazing. It is because of people like you that we love what we do. We all look forward to what your future holds; I am certain it is great health and an active, happy life!

If you are interested in seeing how your story can unfold, be sure to call us today to set up a free trial and a free strategy session to help get you on the right path. Email me at or call me at (231) 750-2525.