Member of the Month – Christopher B.

By February 19, 2020Member Of The Month

Our Member of the Month for February 2020 is Christopher Brown. Chris has been married to his wife, Connie, for 22 years. Together they have a son, 2 cats, and several fish. He has worked at his current job for 7 years. He is a self-described “foodie” who loves being in the kitchen.

Last July, Chris stepped on the scale and saw a number that caused him to be afraid for his health. He told himself, “Enough is enough.” He had been on the road a lot for work and had been eating unhealthy foods, leading to weight gain. Even though he didn’t have any health problems, he was worried that he could end up with some serious issues in the future, like one of his close family members not much older than him who is on oxygen and suffers from congestive heart failure. For years, Chris had gone to the gym, but never very consistently. He would be “good” for a while, but then life would happen and he would get off track and back into unhealthy habits. Gaining and losing became a cycle.

He started to make some healthier decisions and a few months later was approached by a coworker to join her team for Thinner Winner, our annual weight loss contest. He believes this opportunity came at just the right time. When he signed up, his goal was to get back into shape and get as far under his highest weight as possible. He loved the idea that we offer early morning classes that he could attend before going to work. If he couldn’t make it to a morning class, he would drop by in the evening to make sure he got his workout in.

After Thinner Winner was finished last fall, Chris stayed consistent with his fitness and nutrition, and has now lost over sixty pounds. He says that holidays and weekends can make it difficult to stay on track, but the key is to get back to it and to focus on the weight going down. Signing up for classes helps him stay committed. Due to the various class times we offer he believes there isn’t any excuse to not work out. He also has found that counting calories using the free MyFitnessPal app helps him to always be aware of what he is eating because it’s easy to eat too much and not realize it.

In addition to the significant weight loss, Chris says he feels a lot better and is way more active in his day-to-day life because he has more energy. He also mentioned that an old injury to his shoulder seems to have significantly improved, with a much better range of motion.

Chris’s story is a great reminder that making healthy choices consistently can add up to big results. Watching his progress has been awesome and we can’t wait to see what else he can accomplish. The health and wellness journey isn’t always easy, but staying on track, like Chris has been doing, will bring lasting results leading to an amazing quality of life. Keep up the great work, Chris! You are an inspiration!