Member of the Month – Ginger Sheldon

By June 13, 2019Member Of The Month

Our member of the month for June is Ginger Sheldon. Ginger and her significant other have been together for 12 years.  Between the two of them, they have 3 grown children. She has worked for Family Dollar for the same amount of time. Still trying to adjust to being almost “empty-nesters”, their 17 yr. old is still at home, Ginger’s routine included work, home, watching TV and then repeat. She wanted more. She wanted to add some quality of life to her routine but didn’t know what.

As stated above, Ginger works at Family Dollar and, because it is so close to SNW Fitness, our staff often goes there to purchase items. Ginger seemed to always be there working. Her friendly personality made it easy to get to know her a little bit more each time we went there. Heather, owner of SNW Fitness, had been talking with Ginger and offered a free week trial but she wasn’t ready just yet.

Ginger came to SNW Fitness initially for nutritional counseling. This was important to her because of her family history of heart disease and obesity. Her mother passed away unexpectedly at 44 from heart complications relating to her obesity. In addition, her grandfather and great grandfather, on her mom’s side, both passed away before the age of 55 from heart disease.

After her hysterectomy, her weight began to yo-yo. Ginger shared one of her most memorable times in which her weight held her back. About 5 years ago, she went to Michigan’s Adventures with her son and she was unable to fit in the seat for the ride. She had to stand up, in front of all the other riders, and exit the ride. Ginger was mortified. She began to try various ways to lose weight but she would get off track and gain it back.

It took about 6 months after having been invited to try SNW Fitness, before she decided to check out the studio. Ginger thought that this might be what she was looking for to fill the void that she had been having. Ginger met with Heather for a couple of nutritional consultations before she signed-up for a 3 month membership and added workout classes to her routine. She wanted to see how she liked it and if she would stick with it “this time”. Her goal was to keep losing weight and build muscle. To her surprise, she did all of that, and she’s still going strong!

Ginger stated that she doesn’t feel judged when she comes to workout.  She also loves that there is so much encouragement from everyone and really likes all of the support from staff. Ginger has learned so much, mainly that it’s “all about balance”. She is amazed at what she can do now. One thing that she is most proud of is that she can now do squats.  This helps her not only at work but also with everyday activities in general. If she could offer any advice to anyone who can relate to her journey, it would be this, “Quick fixes do not work. Your body needs time to adjust to the changes.” Have patience and be persistent.  You can accomplish anything you set your mind to as Ginger has shown us.