Member of the Month – JoAnn M.

By January 20, 2020Member Of The Month

Our first Member of the Month for 2020 is JoAnn Mahal.  She has two grown daughters and 5 grandchildren. She works in a sedentary position, and has for the past 2 years.  JoAnn’s journey is about losing weight, gaining confidence, and creating a new healthier lifestyle.  

Growing up, JoAnn was considered “skinny”.  She never worried about what type of and how much food she ate.  In addition, JoAnn participated in track and basketball and everything she ate she burned off.  After her divorce, she noticed that she was starting to gain weight. However, it was about 5 years after her divorce, her weight gain started to cause her concern.  Her confidence was shot, she did not like herself, she generally felt unhealthy and wanted to be healthy for her grandkids.

JoAnn’s main goal was weight loss.  Her weight was starting to interfere with everyday life.  One day, when she was holding her grandbaby on her lap, she noticed that her lap was disappearing due to her belly overhanging.  This was a first for JoAnn and it added to her reasons that something had to be done.  

Originally JoAnn heard about SNW Fitness through her sister Judy.  In 2018, Judy invited JoAnn to come and workout with her for 1 week free, so she did.  JoAnn said that she liked it but her mind was not in it, therefore so she did not continue.  Almost exactly one year later, in March of 2019, Judy invited JoAnn again to workout with her at SNW Fitness, but as a guest during March Madness, a friendly workout challenge.  This time she was ready. After her second try, her mind had been set and she decided that this was it, and she signed up as a member and has been a force ever since. 

JoAnn said one of her biggest draws to SNW Fitness is the personality of the instructors.  She loves their encouragement and push so you can be the best you can be.  She stated that they make it fun, which makes her want to keep coming back. Her biggest challenge was herself. Understanding that she and her future were important enough to make a change, it just took her awhile to get her mind in the game.

JoAnn has a lot to be proud of including her “guns”.  She stated that she has never had toned arms but now she does and can actually see her muscles.  Not only has she gained strength but she has also lost 32lbs. She stated that she was wearing a size 14 and recently put on a pair of tens and had to add a belt, which she said was an amazing feeling.  

In addition to working out consistently, JoAnn is proud that she has cleaned up her nutrition immensely.  She went on to say that she has much more energy now and is much more outgoing. JoAnn said that she would still be in the same rut had she not taken that second offer from her sister to go with her to SNW Fitness.

JoAnn’s journey over the past couple years has been life changing.  When she decided to take control of her health, she was deciding to take control of her life.  That decision has made all the difference, not only physically but emotionally as well. She ended by saying that “you really are stronger than you know but you just need to believe in yourself.”  Not an easy task but a necessary one that can completely turn your life around for the better.