Member of the Month – Kathy Burnham

Kathy Burnham MOM 1Kathy’s smile and laughter in classes and around the studio is infectious. She brings smiles and encouragement to everyone around her. It’s hard to believe that just 12 short weeks ago, she was depressed, frustrated and unsure of herself. Kathy had gained significant weight over the years and had decided to do something about it with bariatric surgery. However, she didn’t qualify. Although her weight qualified her, her health did not. According to all the tests, she was just too healthy. Feeling completely crushed by this news she became very depressed and felt there was nothing she could do. That being said, she knew something had to change. She was willing to do the work but was unsure of where to start. When she had tried to exercise in the past, it was terribly painful on her joints. That is when she decided to do a web search to find a personal trainer. She knew she needed the accountability and she wanted help to learn what she can safely do. There were so many options available for personal trainers but what brought her to us was how personal, focused and private it was. One of the greatest selling points was our focus on the whole person, not just the exercise. This made her feel confident and excited. When she decided to get going, she started with Healthy3 Weight Management Solution. Thankfully she had strong support from her husband and son.

In addition to how her physique was changing, one of the biggest things her husband noticed changing was her attitude. As a matter of fact, early on Kathy just didn’t care about things anymore. She was on medication to try to help with her depression. It wasn’t far into the program that she realized she was happier and felt better about herself and life. As a matter of fact, she has been able to successfully come off the anti-depressants.

Although feeling an appreciation for life again and no longer struggling with depression is a wonderful thing, she had two more ah-ha moments that made her realize she had come a long way. The first one happened ten weeks into her program when she and her friend Tracie went to the Michigan State game, walking six miles on the campus. She only had to sit down twice to take a break. Ten weeks earlier, it wouldn’t have even been possible. The second big ah-ha moment was during her 12-week re-measure when Debi, her trainer, did her measurements and she had lost 16.75 inches! As if that wasn’t enough, now in her 13th week, she was able to fit in a dress for her son’s wedding that was two sizes smaller than she could have worn 13 short weeks ago. She has hit all of her first goals and is being rewarded for it!

The big wins can be triumphant, but it’s all the little wins along the way that make the journey so exciting and so rewarding. When Kathy first began, she loved that all the trainer’s here offered levels starting with the lower levels and going up from there. They never made her feel like she was less than others and always came along side to help her be successful where she was at. In the beginning she was encouraged to do the smart start in which she can shoot for taking half the class and then being done, working toward more of the class each week. She took advantage of this first in Zumba and then in Body Combat. A few weeks in, she did the whole Zumba class. The same thing happened with Body Combat; at first she could only do a few songs. Last week, she crushed the full hour. Finally, every week she finds herself wanting to do the exercise more and more. If she can’t make it to a class, she misses it. Each one of these little triumphs equate to the whole; this is now who she is and she loves it!

As for Kathy’s future, it’s pretty bright. She now sees an active future with her husband and son. Kathy is looking forward to traveling and visiting historical attractions without concern that she won’t be able to handle it. She is looking forward to hiking, walking and living a more active life with joy and without pain and frustration. Kathy sees a stronger, happier, more confident future that is full of possibility and excitement. Life is looking pretty amazing for Kathy.

If she could share some pieces of wisdom to those considering making the transition to a healthier life or those currently in the midst of it, she would say,

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Don’t quit. All the hard work is worth it!

Kathy, we are so thankful you chose us to help you on your journey. Your spirit, energy, enthusiasm and spunk for life are an inspiration! Thank you for always trying your best and allowing us to join you on this amazing journey we call life!