Member of the Month – Kathy Hogston

Kathy Hogston MOM

Member of the Month
Kathy Hogston

Feeling miserable with low energy, lack of motivation, clothes too tight, and stress, Kathy knew she had to do something.  She tried to do it on her own, but struggled to find the motivation to continue. As providence would have it, right about when she decided she needed help, she ran into her old friend Georganna.

Georganna has been a member of SNW Fitness for some time and has lost, and continues to lose weight. She was feeling much better and has made a number of friends at the studio. So naturally, she began telling Kathy about her experience and invited her to come check things out. She liked what she saw and felt confident that our Healthy3 program was exactly what she needed. Approaching her birthday, she decided what better way to celebrate than to gift herself better health?

Although Healthy3 offered her nutrition, group classes and much more, she was most excited about was the personal training. She had had her left shoulder and left hip replaced and was concerned about what she could and could not do. Since her replacements she had become fearful of doing a lot of things. Having a personal trainer took the fear away and allowed her to progress in a safe and effect way.

Beginning with Healthy3, she followed the nutrition plan, met with her trainer Debi, took classes, and did some at-home workouts. As a matter of fact, she was super excited that she was, and still is, motivated to workout six days per week. It is no longer something she has to do, but something she wants to do. Her goals were to lose weight, gain energy and feel more confident and wow has she hit those goals. So far Kathy has lost 13 pounds and 16.75 inches, has significantly improved energy and is far more confident. In addition to hitting those goals, she no longer drinks diet soda, looks forward to eating healthy and exercising.

Kathy loves sharing about her journey. Just being around her, you can’t help but feel inspired and want to achieve what she has. If you were to chat with her, she would tell you all about her secrets to success. Namely, portioning food better, freezing any extras, sharing a meal or giving the extras away, and drinking a little water before deciding if she is truly hungry or just thirsty.

Although Kathy hasn’t really craved sweets yet, she is a little nervous about Christmas because those are some of her favorites. She now uses a couple tricks when she is feeling tempted such as making a healthy choice like a banana or a graham cracker or even simply brushing her teeth.

When I asked Kathy what her future looks she said, “Now that I know I can do whatever I set my mind to, the sky is the limit!” Since “getting older is not for sissies”, her biggest plan is to stay healthy by staying active and making good food choices.

If she could offer advice to others on their quest for greater health, it would be:

  1. Reach out; let others help you. The trainer’s and other members here are so supportive.
  2. Take advantage of the tools available to you.
  3. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Thank you Kathy for being such an inspiration! You make me smile every time you are near. Your positive and go-getter attitude are nothing short of incredible.