Members of the Month – Michael & Judy Cavalier

By March 17, 2020Member Of The Month

Our Members of the Month for March are Michael and Judy Cavalier. They have been married for 9 years, and between the two of them they have 6 kids, 8 grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 21, and a dog named Jake. They are both retired but still work part time. The Cavaliers were chosen to be our Members of the Month because they are a great example of what a couple can do when they get on track together to become healthier than they were before. They found ways to make things work when challenges came up and they stayed on track even when life threw them some curveballs.

Before joining SNW Fitness, the Cavaliers had tried different diets in an attempt to lose weight and get healthier. Both of them had been active in the past, but Judy had gotten injured, which meant she couldn’t run or lift weights while she was healing. They both were frustrated and wanted to get active again and learn about nutrition, food prep, and proper fitness form. This was important to Judy because she wants to be “fierce, not fragile,” and Mike doesn’t want to allow himself to “fall apart,” but instead wanted better endurance, breathing, and to “lose his gut.” Mike knew that his attitude and mindset were keeping him from working toward his goals, and Judy didn’t have the willpower that she does now to resist unhealthy foods. Judy went online and searched for local gyms and that’s when she discovered SNW Fitness. Their fitness and nutrition goals made them both a great fit for our Healthy3 program.

When they signed up for Healthy3, Judy was feeling frustrated but determined. Michael was looking forward to better health for his family, and liked knowing there was a money back guarantee. They liked coming to our classes because our fitness community is encouraging and welcoming and the classes are challenging but not too big. Mike says we keep him moving because he wouldn’t do it at home.

During their time in Healthy3 there were some significant challenges they had to navigate as a couple. Judy dislocated her toe and Michael injured his shoulder so their personal training workouts had to be modified for a short time. They were also right in the middle of getting their kitchen remodeled, which ended up taking much longer than they had planned. For several weeks they had no counter space, no electricity or running water in the kitchen, and no stove or microwave. In order to stay on track while learning how to prepare healthy food, they had to come up with some creative solutions. They started using a crock pot and an electric skillet to prepare most of their meals. They also set up a sheet of plywood on some barstools so they could have a makeshift counter top.

Since starting this part of their health journey, they both have noticed that their clothes are fitting better. Judy feels stronger than before and is excited that she “has guns again.” Michael no longer sees “the fat man in the mirror” and is happy that he is looking healthier and better than before. They are both proud that they stuck with it and didn’t give up. Judy said that if they hadn’t made the decision to get healthier she would still be overweight, achy, and lazy, and Michael said he wouldn’t have the sense of accomplishment that he has now.

Michael said, “If you’re doing your best it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing.” Each person’s health journey is different, but Michael and Judy have proven that consistency and determination are the keys to getting results. It’s been wonderful to be a part of their journey and we can’t wait to see what else they can accomplish.