Member of the Month – Dawn Schmitt


Member of the Month – Dawn Schmitt
by Heather David

Three years ago Dawn, an elementary school principal, joined Thinner Winner with three work friends for the fun of doing something with them. What she got out of it was so much more than six weeks of girl time. What she got out of it was a renewed sense of self. Life being so busy as a wife, mother and a leader, she observed that finding the time to workout can be a challenge. So she tried the 5:00 am classes, and much to her surprise, she really enjoyed them. What is super fun about Dawn is that even at 5:00 am she is super friendly and smiley. Her smile and laughter often brilliantly light up the early morning hours.

As the six-week competition came to a close, the number of inches she lost greatly motivated her. She was not ready to quit so she became a member. She hasn’t looked back. As a matter of fact, as time went on, she began noticing other changes that were even more motivating than just the inches. For example, even though she was getting up earlier to workout, she had more energy. When she should have been getting tired and cranky, she was energized and full of vigor. As a matter of fact, taking care of herself helped her to feel more enlightened and able to derive greater joy from taking care of others.

A little over a year into her journey, Dawn hurt her back. The pain made it a challenge for her to be able to perform at the level she was so she had to take a step back. She did more yoga and less impact. Cutting back made it really hard for her to get going again when her back healed, but she did it anyway. She never let the injury take her down.

A pivotal moment in her journey was after watching the film “Hungry for Change”. It helped her to really up her game. She cleaned up her diet and made a pact with herself that she would do at least four workouts per week. Her results really began to ramp up at this point and she loved it. The changes came in both physical and mental ways. She found herself feeling both mentally and physically stronger.

For Dawn the motivation to keep going comes in a few forms. She is motivated intrinsically by her physical and mental improvements for sure. But she also loves the extrinsic motivators she receives in her classes. She needs change to keep her going; Dawn gets bored with the same nutrition and exercise. She loves the multiple viewpoints on nutrition that are presented to her so she can find a healthy eating style that makes sense in her life at that time. Dawn likes that the classes are always changing so she never gets bored. She finds the competition of her MyZone belt to be very motivating, gamifying her workouts so she doesn’t want to miss because she may not level up if she does.

Now that Dawn is feeling so good, loving her routine and being so consistent, what is next for her? She has battled some knee issues and had to give up running. Dawn would like to continue to work on improving her knee stability and strength so she can run again someday. She would also like to continue to stay consistent so she may not only get healthier and stronger, but also so she can level up on her MyZone. Finally, Dawn looks forward to being able to hike again.

If Dawn could give advice to those reading, she would say: “You have to look at this as something for you. You have to carve out time; give that to yourself! You don’t have to take giant steps; just take baby steps and make it happen!”

Thank you Dawn for lighting up our mornings with your bright smile and your lust for life. You’re relentless consistency and beautiful vibrancy are something to be celebrated and emulated.