No More Fear: Realize Your Dreams

By December 17, 2018Monthly Newsletter

1No More Fear: Realize Your Dreams!
By Heather David, HHP, CPT, NC

Will Smith tells a hysterical recount of his first experience sky diving. He talks about the moment he and his buddies, after a few drinks, decide to go skydiving the next day. He goes on to tell how every moment from that point to the moment he steps off the plane is terror. How he had the worst nights sleep. He tries to talk himself out of going, hoping his buddies won’t show up. He couldn’t eat breakfast for fear of the impending doom of jumping off a perfectly good airplane. Feeling paralyzed by fear, he can’t even focus on anything. Then, in a moment, he steps off the plane and seconds later realizes how blissful this moment is. How crazy it was to fear and to think he could have missed out on this experience. The time spent hovering, free falling in the air, was one of the most blissful experiences of his life and yet every moment that led up to it, he was racked with debilitating fear. He goes on to say that, “God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror. On the other side of fear are the greatest things in life.”

If there were no limits, if you didn’t have to worry about money, if you didn’t have any excuses, what would you do? Think about a bucket list item that you don’t think would ever be possible? What would be something amazing you would love to do, but the fear has held you back? What is your dream? What is your vision?

Step one: Determine your own vision
• Think about different areas in your life such as your values, career goals, family life, love life, health and wellness, leisure time activities, areas you would like to learn, and faith walk.
• If there were no limitations, what would you do differently or add into these areas. Pick one or pick them all. It’s up to you.
• Ignoring the fear that is starting to create all the excuses of why this isn’t possible, make a vision statement. For example, “Within 5 years I will begin traveling to a different country for two weeks every year”.
• Is this a scary statement? If yes, perfect! If no, you’re thinking too small.

Step two: Consider what achieving this will do for you
• In which areas will your life improve?
• How will doing this make you feel?
• What will the impact of this  be on your quality of life?

Step three: Create your vision board
• Begin collecting images from things like newspapers, magazines, photo albums, online blogs, books, brochures, etc.
• Collect quotes, thoughts, words that exemplify your thoughts, feelings and various parts of the process.
• Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, and begin creating your vision board. You can use a whiteboard, a poster board, a corkboard, or even a piece of lined paper. The medium isn’t important, the outcome is.
• Attach the images, words, trinkets and such in a fashion that is inspiring to you. It can be neat and tidy or a chaotic mix of items. It just needs to speak to your vision, your dream, and your goal.
• Using the example from above you might attach a cutout of a plane, images of places you would like to visit, pictures of those you would like to go with, a person smiling while standing on the Eiffel Tower, the word “adventure”, the sky is the limit. Let your imagination run with it.

Step four: Place the board in a prominent place and begin making it happen
• Look at it and visualize the dream becoming a reality every day
• Make small steps toward it daily. In the example above that may mean starting a small vacation fund. Maybe at first you can only set aside $10 a week. That $10 becomes $520 at the end of one year. Once you are comfortable setting that aside, maybe you can increase it to $15 a week. Before you know it, you are standing on a cliff in Ireland, looking over the sea and smiling ear to ear.

What we put our focus on, that is what we will achieve. If we focus on everything we can’t do, we will achieve nothing. If, however, we focus on things on the other side of fear and take one step at a time to get to the other side of that fear, it WILL happen. You will achieve your dreams. You will live the life you want. All it takes is setting your intention and not backing down until you see it come into fruition. Here’s to many amazing lives lived!