Not Active and Unhealthy to Doing a 1/2 Marathon!

By August 30, 2016General News

Christy W B&A

After watching her mother have foot surgery in January and realizing the contrast between her parent’s disability and her 70 year old neighbor’s vibrancy, at a size 20W Christy realized if she didn’t change something soon, she would end up with a low quality of life, something she really did not want. Christy wanted to be active as she aged but struggled with the motivation to get there. Her the journey ahead was more about how she felt than the scale. She had trouble getting off the floor when playing with her grand babies and she struggled to do even one sit up. She was so frustrated with how she had allowed herself to go down so far, and that is when she called us and began her Healthy3 journey. She told herself, “Who can’t spend 12 weeks getting healthy and on track”.

Christy was a vegan prior to beginning the program but didn’t eat healthy. As she learned about whole food eating she began to make the transition to a whole-food, plant based diet. She loved the recipes we provided her and took to heart the encouragement to plan ahead. Looking at her coming week, she now plans out her menu, shops for it and then batch cooks on the weekend to prepare for the coming week. After cutting out all the processed food and learning portion control, she is so pleased to see that not only did she trim a bunch of inches off her body, but she nearly cut her food bill in half.

The most challenging part for Christy was giving up coffee. During the first two weeks, she was asked to give up stimulants. Having drunk coffee since age 10, she was crushed to learn she had to give it up for a time. However, once she did, there was no going back. She has replaced coffee with non-caffeine options like peppermint and dandy blend teas.

The best part of her journey through Healthy3 was both the accountability and the fact that “this is a safe place. Everyone is nice and there aren’t big bulky guys and tiny ‘cheerleader’ girls. It feels safe because there is a cross-section of everyday people. It is so unintimidating”.

Now that Christy is 36.4 pounds and 41.5 inches smaller, can get off the floor without challenge and can do sit ups like a rock star, what’s next? She and her daughter have planned out “Racecations”. She is scheduled to do her first ½ marathon in April and then plans to continue that with a ½ marathon in each of the 50 states. She and her daughter plan on joining the 50 States Half Marathon Club!

When I asked her what words of encouragement she could give to someone beginning their healthy journey, she said, “Healthy3 is the complete package to getting healthy! Just commit to 12 weeks; you can do anything for 12 weeks. And be sure to celebrate EVERY success!”

I could not sum up Christy’s amazing transformation and positive personality any better than leaving you with her own words, “There is no going back. I have the keys to success. This IS now my life!” Cheers to that Christy! You are an amazing inspiration!