Tired of confusing Nutrition information?

Its time for nutrition to be demystified. This book says one thing, that magazine says another, and a website has yet another opinion to your questions. Stop trying to make sense of it. Get real answers.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out the best eating strategy for your body.

Our nutritionist stays current on the latest nutrition research to help you find the best solution to reduce your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol, prevent diabetes, lose weight, and just feel better.

Christine - Healthy3 Weight Loss

Cristine B. – Nutrition Client


Whole Foods - Healthy3 Weight Loss

Far too often when whole-food eating is discussed, two items come up as reasons why individuals will not eat it – it’s too much work and it doesn’t taste good. This is a common misconception. With just a little knowledge, and some preparation, whole-food eating can be just as quick, if not quicker, than processed food eating (think how quick it is to grab an apple). And when it comes to taste, your options are endless.

You will be coached on how to eat whole-food from the grocery store and local farmers. You will not be expected to buy pre-packaged foods to reach your goals. Get your health back and enjoy doing it!

Why is it that so often we want to get off our medications only to end up with a cupboard full of supplements? Is it necessary to take all those supplements or are we just medicating ourselves in a different way?

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine”. Why would he say this? Because it is so very true. Many of our diseases today can be prevented and/or reversed by making some changes to our eating habits. The magic pill is no pill at all, it’s  it’s great nutrition through HEALTHY EATING, let us show you how.

Whole Foods - Healthy3 Weight Loss

“I had tried several weight lose plans and fad diets but nothing worked for me and I ended up frustrated and depressed. She taught me about nutrition, helped with menus, recipes and so much more.”

Dawn D.SNW Fitness Member and Nutrition Client

“I am back from my annual physical and the doctor gave me an “A”. My triglycerides dropped by 100 points, LDL is down to 70.6, HDL is up to 44. He said the numbers are ideals and if they keep on improving, he might consider taking me off the cholesterol medicine!”

Larry G.SNW Fitness Client