Our Gift To You: Two Holiday Challenges

By November 1, 2016General News

dumbbellHoliday Hustle

Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, life seems to spin out of control. Between holiday parties, shopping, events, and general hustle and bustle, we often put our health on the back burner. We don’t do it intentionally, but rather the time goes so fast, we lose track. Enter the “Holiday Hustle”. This is our way of helping you keep a focus point during the holidays to keep you on track with your health and do a little more good for those less fortunate.

 The name of the game is to rack up points by taking classes, doing your personal training and giving it your best. In the process, you can help others with their health by inviting them to join you. Your visiting friends and family can come in to work out with you so you don’t feel guilty leaving them, no charge. Additionally, you can share a healthy holiday recipe for others to enjoy. The cost to enter is a bag of non-perishable food and personal hygiene products. In addition to your donations, we will be donating $10 to the Muskegon Rescue Mission with every MyZone purchase.

The point system is as follows:

  • Attend a Class/PT session (100 points)

  • Bring a friend (100 points/person)

  • Participate in the Hustle video (200 points)

  • Contribute a healthy holiday recipe (50 points)

  • Complete the “Holiday Huff and Puff”(400 points)

  • Participate in the Harvest Workout (200 points)

  • Participate in the Holiday Melt Off (up to 400 points)

Prizes are as follows:

1st Place – $75 in studio cash plus a Hydroflask

2nd Place – $25 in studio cash plus a Hydroflask

3rd Place – Hydroflask

The Hustle Video

We will be recording us all doing The Hustle on Saturday, November 19th after Trainer’s Choice at 10:00 am. We will teach you how to do it and then record about 30 seconds of us all doing it together. Please dress in green and red or wear something festive (i.e. Santa hat or garland). If you can’t participate in the video as a group, you can still earn the points by recording yourself doing The Hustle, posting it to your facebook page and tagging us in it (@ShorelineNaturalWellness).


snowman-green-scarfThe Holiday Huff & Puff

Using your MyZone belt, earn 2,000 MEPS between November 20th and January 2nd. You will earn 400 points in the Holiday Hustle, plus for every 500 MEPs you earn, your name goes in a drawing for a chance to win an extra month of classes!

All you have to do to participate is accept the Holiday Huff and Puff challenge in your MyZone app and then wear your belt every time you workout. Wearing it all day won’t count as only blue tiles and above will count toward your total MEPs ☺

If you don’t have a MyZone belt yet, be sure and see us to buy one for only $99. We will help you get yours set up so you are ready by the 20th.

Ten dollars of every purchase will go directly to the Muskegon Rescue Mission.