Heather_Company_BioToday, I workout regardless of the circumstances, whether in everyday life or on vacation. Today, I do my best to make good food choices, whether I want to or not. Do I succeed every time? Absolutely not, but I give it my best. However, it was not always that way. I didn’t always represent good choices and a healthy lifestyle. Rather the opposite actually. In my teen years I rebelled, drank alcohol, did drugs and and made many poor choices. I ate fast food, processed food and lots of sugar.

Then God intervened; at age 19 I found myself pregnant. From that moment on, I knew I had to be something better for myself and my child. I was blessed to be able to marry my child’s father (and now 20 years later love him more than ever!) and then began my climb out of the mire to a much better place. Being young parents, we really struggled for many years. However, I always enjoyed dancing, walking and being active so I joined a gym, taking Step classes a couple times a week. Not long after that, I saw a notice that they had a class to teach you how to be an aerobics instructor. I jumped in and have never looked back!

Not long after, I found myself falling in love with nutrition, fitness and helping others, eventually getting educated in personal training, nutrition, holistic health, and herbalism. At the same time, I found myself becoming more and more disheartened by the “health and fitness” industry. The “health” world seemed to be content medicating diseases rather than preventing them in the first place. The fitness world seemed bent on only serving those who really enjoyed going to the gym and not the ones who needed the most help. So in 2009 I took a leap of faith and opened SNW Fitness with a focus on helping those who really needed help, offering solutions that the average person, not just the uber fit, would be comfortable utilizing and would find their healthy, happy, and active life.

Now, I am so excited that every day I get to go to work and share in the amazing experiences of my clients realizing they too can fall in love with an active lifestyle. They too can make better food choices, and enjoy it. They too can stop disease dead in its tracks and live the amazing, high-quality life they were created for.

I have found my health and my calling. I LOVE being able to share my passion with others and can’t wait to share it with you!

~ Heather David