Our Trainers - Debbi

• Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified TRX Trainer

I fell into the fitness industry by chance.  Although I have a degree in Criminal Justice, I have always been physically active but not always focused on my health.  When I began focusing more on my internal health and consistently working out I noticed that others were being influenced and motivated which, in turn, motivated me to keep going.

Over the course of about a year and a half I realized that the career I was currently in was not my passion.  My passion was helping others better themselves internally and externally through health and fitness.  I have found more satisfaction and reward through helping others on their own health journey than I ever have with any other career choice.

As does everyone, I’ve had many struggles, and still do, in my health journey.  However, my struggles are more internal than external.  When I became serious about my health, it was more than just eating better and working out, it was taking care of my mental and emotional health as well.  Focusing on my health has been instrumental in strengthening my marriage and showing my kids that their health is important.  I struggle with eating healthy as well but with the more information I receive, the more educated I become, and, slowly, my choices are becoming healthier as a result.

I believe that my athletic history, which began as early as I can remember, ultimately prepared me for being a personal trainer and group instructor.  Although I’m fairly versatile and adapt quickly with most sports, gymnastics and softball were always my passion in my youth.  Both of these sports you are on a team, yet you sometimes have “all eyes on you”.  These sports not only allowed me to feel very successful at times but also on my knees crying feeling defeated, like I wanted to give up and quit.  I know how it feels to fall off the balance beam seven times during a judged competition but yet I had to finish the routine.  I know how it feels to fall flat on your face, literally, and get up, wipe the tears away and finish what I had started.  I’ve also experienced the sweet taste of victory, knowing that I finished that routine!  Knowing that I hit that triple that cleared the bases.  This health and fitness journey that we are all on has it’s ups and downs just like everything.  Whether we chose to stay down or get back up is what matters in the end.

My life has been filled with comedy, sadness, heartbreak, and blessings.  I’ve found the more I share my stories, my victories, my defeats, my struggles, my successes, the more others can relate.  We inspire each other with our stories.  I share mine all the time.  Some might say I share too much but it’s not up to them to decide how I share my story.  You never know who you are going to inspire.