• Certified Body Combat Instructor

Getting in to the fitness industry was something, even in my wildest dreams, I had never even considered. I had struggled with obesity since my late teens. On Christmas, 2014, my daughter announced her engagement and set a wedding date for the upcoming summer. My excitement soon turned to anxiety. I began to think about my weight and the overall state of my health. I didn’t want to look back at her wedding pictures with regret, but even more, I wanted to live a long, healthy life. I knew I needed to do something to find the best “me”. I needed to do this not only for my family, but for myself. I googled “Zumba classes” and Heather’s class popped up. It all snowballed from that moment. After about 5 months of taking various classes, a series of outdoor boot camps and making better food choices, I had dropped 50#, was stronger, healthier and had a newfound self-respect.

Early in 2016, SNW Fitness began to offer the Les Mills program, Body Combat. Oh my gosh! This was IT!! I found something I truly loved and I could not get enough! The changes in me, both physically and mentally, were astounding. In April, Heather approached me and said she thought I should be the next instructor for this class. I literally laughed out loud, until I realized she was serious. I signed up for the training, went to Missouri to complete it and, in July, became a certified instructor. The rest is history.

I love that I get to share this excitement with our members. I love having a member say they love our classes because we are “real” people. This is the exact reason I fell in love with SNW Fitness. I fit in, I felt like I belonged here. The trainers are real life people who have the same struggles as the members. The members know we relate to them.

Two years ago, through my own tenacity and with the help of SNW Fitness, I transformed my body and my mind. I did things I never dreamt possible. I am forever changed. I am forever thankful. I would love to be a part of your transformation!