• Certified 225 hour Holy Yoga Instructor
• Specialty Certified – Chair Yoga & Touch Therapy Massage

Until recently, the fitness industry was only a personal endeavor. Never in my mind did I think my life journey was changing course. Things just happened to fall into place when I began my own health journey.

About 5 years ago, I gave up soda for Lent and substituted water. Having continued some bad choices, I still didn’t feel good about myself and decided it was time to get moving. With a regimen of at home fitness videos and running, I shed 20 pounds in three months. It was a challenge to say the least, especially with running. My daughters were my inspiration as they were athletes in school. They ran with me, encouraging me to sprint driveway to driveway, walk off the stitches, and fill my lungs with air. I was in horrible respiratory shape! Soon, short distances grew longer and minutes grew even longer. I found my passion. I found something that made me incredibly happy. It wasn’t long when I began receiving compliments and told that I was an inspiration. When one person approached me telling me I inspired her first 5k race, my heart filled. I had no idea the things I was doing to change my life impacted others. That’s when it dawned on me I needed to help others in this capacity.

For many years, I have been serving others in the restaurant industry. Serving, cooking and managing have been my ways of feeding people and making them happy. Unfortunately, feeding pizza and subs are not the healthiest ways.

I decided I needed to do something more significant and obtained a certificate as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I worked a short while in a nursing home and absolutely loved taking care of my respected seniors. I especially loved the connections made. I’ve always known I was compassionate, but these people brought out the love in my heart. I was on the right path. However, this particular job also brought out pain and stress on my aging body. It was physically and emotionally draining watching their health fail. At the same time, it was frightening learning I could result in a place like this as heart disease is in my family history. Continuing to run long distance helped me emotionally, but between the lifting of people and the repeated impact of running long distance, I began to have back issues. My struggles resulted in pinched sciatica, pinched tibial nerve, chronic tight calves, plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ tendonitis, and a weak core. After a couple seasons of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care, I finally learned how important cross training is. Biking and yoga became a vital part of my exercise.

One passion led to a second passion, yoga. Yoga brought me to that place of accepting my body being yoked in mind, body and spirit. Flexibility and strength grew and I was feeling so much better all around. I could take care of my back, legs and core.

I am truly passionate about fitness because I am a better person to myself, a better wife and a better person to people I serve in all aspects of life. I finally have self confidence and an inner happiness that I had never had before. I’ve learned to challenge myself by setting goals. Finishing my first 25k race at the age of 50 was huge in my personal book of accomplishments. Perhaps that first full marathon is around the corner.

With all this added knowledge by experience, I feel I am equipped with the tools to teach and reach others. With a background in Elementary Education and my present position of restaurant manager, I am more prepared to guide others into the glorious realm of yoga. Setting a goal to become a Yoga Instructor was obtained just recently. I continue to challenge myself, to become more knowledgeable as I grow in yoga instructing and running. It is my hope that my story of working hard, facing daily struggles and challenges will continue to inspire others around me; showing them they too, can become an “I can”, “I will” and an “I am” person. I want to share the joy of what physical, emotional and mental health can do for my community.

I simply want to serve you.

I am truly grateful for the entire group of people at SNW for giving me an opportunity to grow. It still amazes me how the staff has welcomed and embraced me as a part of this team and community. I am privileged to be trusted to guide you in my passion of yoga. The light in my soul honors the light in your soul.