Overweight? Need Help?

By December 31, 2011General News

Come to our FREE weight loss seminar and let us guide you on your journey… Do you avoid mirrors and tight fitting clothing? Did your last doctors appointment not go so well? Did your doctor say something like, “if you would only lose x pounds, you would be doing much better”? Take charge of your future; join us to learn how you can not only lose the weight now, but how you can keep it off for life! What you will learn at this seminar is the only truly healthy way to not only lose, but to keep it off for life. We will coach you on a lifestyle that is backed by science and filled with results. It will help you to become your smaller, amazing self!

When: Wednesday, January 4th at 6:00 pm

Where: Shoreline Natural Wellness at 1500 Whitehall Rd, Suite C

Cost: Free

How: Register by calling (231) 750-2525