Pat Fritz – Member of the Month

By July 19, 2018Member Of The Month

Pat F.

Our member of the month for July is Pat Fritz. Pat stated that she had always struggled with her weight ever since grade school but was an active child nonetheless. In her 30s, Pat decided to try a jazzercise class with a couple of her friends and loved it, which encouraged her to keep working out. She thought it was fun, it allowed her personal time, and it gave her a chance to get out of her house for a bit. Pat was, and still is, a busy woman. Pat had worked at the same place for 32 years while raising 3 kids but she made sure she kept active. At work, she walked on her lunches. To say the least, Pat understands and values the importance of making health a priority.

Pat had always done some sort of workout, usually 2-3 times per week, fairly consistently. In 2016, she and her husband moved across state to be closer to family in Muskegon. About 3 months after she moved, Pat started to notice she was losing her stamina. Walking to the mailbox made her winded. Her body was also starting to ache and she had begun to gain weight. She went to the computer and typed in “gym” and Shoreline Natural Wellness came up. Pat looked through our site and thought it looked too hard.

During the same time, her daughter had been trying to find a place for her mom to start working out too; she also came across SNW Fitness. Pat was nervous to call but knew she needed to get working out again so she didn’t continue to gain weight and lose more stamina. She also just wanted to be comfortable in her own skin.

When she did call she said Heather made her feel very comfortable which eased her mind. She tried a week free and was amazed.  In her very first class, the other members made her feel very welcomed and they were extremely nice. She signed on as a member shortly thereafter.

Pat never thought that she would find another place that she felt comfortable with but was pleasantly surprised when she tried SNW Fitness. She said that she is happier and actually looks forward to coming to classes. Pat thinks of it as “her own thing” that she gets to do by herself, for herself. She has also worked with Heidi doing our Healthy 3 program and then stayed on with her for additional coaching for a year, both of which she really enjoyed. Pat also added that she loves how “everyone is there for you” and “it’s fun” which she never really imagined she’d find.

As stated previously, Pat understands and values the importance of good health. She knows that although she pushes herself in everything she does, the support, sense of community, and having her “own thing” are also necessary to maintain her active lifestyle.

If Pat could give one piece of advice it would be, “Take the leap, talk to Heather. This is a judgment free zone and you have to have a little faith”.  She said she feels proud that she has lost weight, gained strength and confidence. Pat also mentioned that she is proud of herself for making her health a priority. She also added, “it’s about quality of life”.  Pat is not afraid of what’s ahead for her because she plans to be doing this far into the future.