Smaller Stomachs, Tighter Thighs and Guns!

By January 28, 2012General News

It’s that time again, our new 8 week session of classes is about to begin. Do you want to shrink and tighten your body? Would you like to show off your “guns”? It won’t be long and we will all be wearing shorts, tank tops and bathing suits again. Now is the time to start getting ready. Check out one or more of our classes next week to see what you like. When you decide which classes you like, be sure and register to reserve your spot. Check out the schedule to see what fits your schedule and what sounds good to you. If you would like to “try it before you buy it”, come in to as many of the classes as you like all this week to see what you like.

You are welcome to come in for a free consult to figure out what the best solution is to reach your goals. Call or e-mail today to set your appointment up!

Check out our schedule here.