Soil Prep

By September 18, 2010In The Garden


Fertile, well drained soil is the basis for organic gardening.  However, we cannot garden continually in the same area without returning organic matter to the garden. Compost improves the soil’s physical properties.  Composted animal manures as well as green manure crops also improve the soil.

Most vegetables will require a FULL SUN site, in other words, at least 6 hours of sun per day.  Getting your soil tested should be the first thing you do after choosing a garden site. You could spend a lot of time and money on seeds and plants to only have them fail because the soil Ph is not what they want.  Most plants want a slightly acidic soil which would measure about 6.5 (7.0 being neutral).  Depending on your soil test results you may have to add powdered limestone to raise the Ph or powdered sulfur to lower it.

Learn more about testing at the MSU Extension site.