Spring Clean Your Life Challenge

By February 28, 2012General News

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available for healthy eating and lifestyles? Do you want to implement a better eating strategy but just aren’t sure where to begin? Then this challenge is for you! We will take a 4 week journey into a healthier lifestyle. Through the journey you will:

  • Learn how to read nutrition labels
  • Learn where to find healthier options at the grocery store (we will take a little field trip to Meijer)
  • Learn the whys and hows of organic and natural food selections
  • Learn how to determine whether or not a produce item is fresh
  • Go through a two week group liver detox (learn more about liver detoxification here)
  • Get recipes and menu planning strategies
  • Do daily challenges like cleaning certain things out of your cupboard or taking 10 deep breaths
  • Be encouraged through e-mail and facebook
This great program will run April 17th through May 14th; just in time to prep for bathing suit season!
A great bonus to this challenge is that you will undoubtedly lose some weight, your skin will become brighter and healthier and your energy will improve.
All this plus discounts on personal training and group exercise for only $88!
Join us on this journey by calling to reserve your spot – (231) 750-2525