Weight Loss and Stress

By February 10, 2016General News

If you’re struggling with weight loss, did you know…

  • Stress can slow down the digestive system.

  • Stress can be a cause of sugar imbalance.

  • Stress raises Cortisol levels making it hard to lose weight.

  • Stress from memory can make you self-sabotage clean eating & exercise.

So what can you do about stress?

If you’re serious and truly committed to a healthier body, we invite you to attend a free information talk on Friday, February 19th at 5:30 pm with special guest speaker Jeffrey Kamke, Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner.

You will walk away with information and tools to begin taking control over the stress in your life and reaching the goals that once seemed out of reach. We look forward to seeing you there!

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A letter from Jeff:

I’ve been an Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner since 2011. I’m very passionate about helping people live healthier, more successful lives through not only effectively managing stress and negative emotions, but training people how to use the power of their mind to produce better results and reach their goals.

In today’s high paced world, everyone knows there’s stress, but it’s too often just passed off and never dealt with. Stress has very negative effects on our health and how our body functions, but it’s also what patterns our mind for the results we get in our life, whether we like them or not. It’s not just about managing the day-to-day stresses, but helping the body release past stresses that it’s still hanging onto that can be leading to poor health and unsuccessful habits and behaviors that negatively affect things like money and relationships. I use several cutting-edge health and personal transformation techniques that help restore the healing power of the body and accelerate the accomplishment of goals.  

Here’s how stress can disrupt proper body function. When we experience stress, either the type like a car accident with a spike of adrenaline or the chronic worrier type where the emotion and stress builds over time, the body reacts to it. We all have an ability to handle a certain amount of stress, but when the experience goes above what we can handle, the adrenaline associated with the stress or trauma takes a snapshot at that moment. Adrenaline is like the superglue of the mind and whatever was going on at the moment the stress became too high, the emotion you felt and the corresponding body positions and functions will remain out of balance in response to the initial stress. The brain essentially keeps replaying the stress over and over.  

So how might this affect your health and success with fitness and diet? Well, were you picked on in school? Did you have a nasty break-up? Did you get fired from a job? What is the big event in your life that you still think about at least once every single day? That’s an experience your body is still responding to and it can making losing weight difficult, or sticking with exercise programs or any other lifestyle change you’re trying to make. If what I’ve said feels like something you want to learn more about to continue hitting your 2016 health goals, click here now to watch a short two-minute video: Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?