Tai Chi For Beginners

By August 13, 2015General News

This 9-week course will teach you the basics of the Sun 40 Tai Chi form so you can practice on your own. Tai Chi is a gentle program that slowly builds the muscles around weakened points to support them and allow much less pain and stiffness.

The incredible Marna Kaijala will be leading the class.Here is what others have to say about taking classes with Marna:

“Tai chi helped me to focus my mind while calming my body through controlled, gentle movements. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new moves at a relaxed pace with fun-loving people. Marna’s personal knowledge of movement and stretching helped me improve my balance and range of motion.” -Sue Z.

“When I started Tai Chi classes, I had very limited mobility in my right hip due to a car accident. I had given up my daily walking because the pain was too much. I was only 47 yrs old and getting very depressed over the injury and how much I could no longer do. Within a few months, my range of motion improved 50%, within 6 months by over 75%. I was able to move my hip again without pain and begin my walking regime. My doctor was very impressed with the improvement (physical therapy did not give me positive results). Marna is a great teacher – she encouraged me to not give up and showed me such patience when I really didn’t think I could do it. Tai Chi gave me freedoms I thought I had lost!! I would highly recommend it!” -Laura J.

“Marna has been an excellent teacher who understands the importance of demonstration, repetition, patience, and encouragement. Because of her and all the benefits of Tai Chi I have described above, I am enjoying an excellent quality of life as I age.” -Fran B.

Tuesdays, beginning September 15, 2015
7:00 – 8:00 pm 

Member – $29
Non-Member – $79

Includes all equipment