The New Norm Fitness Challenge

By September 4, 2020General News

Challenge to create a new routine that works in this new world!

What was the number one struggle before COVID19 for most people? It was finding a routine that would work in their life. What is the number one struggle now? It is finding a routine that would work in their life. Sound familiar? Although the circumstances have changed and the challenge looks a little different, it is, at it’s root, the same problem. Before it may have been finding the time and motivation to exercise and eat right with a busy life of running here and there. Now, life is moving at a different pace but finding the space and the motivation to do exercise and eat right is still real. And just like before, we are here for you.

The biggest struggle for many people is finding a new routine that is no longer in a social setting. Many people feel like with their social network in health diminished to online only that they are having a hard time feeling as committed. For example, no one is watching…if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? If I don’t exercise but no one knows it, was it really a missed workout?

Enter the New Norm Challenge…For eight weeks we are going to challenge you to find a routine and stick with it while offering you both a social outlet and some serious accountability. Here are the details:

When: October 11 – December 5

Where: In your home and at a local social gathering place (TBD)

What: 8 weeks of focused fitness, encouragement, community support, and health coaching

How: You have two options:

Option 1:
Free to all members (included in your membership)
-Daily Workouts (choose from a 3 or 5 times per week commitment)
-Downloadable calendar to plan and track workouts and get special information
-Private Facebook group posts with inspiration and motivation
-Community Menu Plan Swap

Option 2:
-All of Option 1 Items plus
-8 small group, in-person coaching sessions (at a local gathering place-TBD) (4-6 people per group)
-Mid-week individual check ins from your coach
-Serious accountability and camaraderie
-$149 for paid in full or 2-monthly payments of $80
-Email to reserve your spot

If you have been struggling at all, I HIGHLY recommend Option 2. It can be the difference between getting fully on track and crushing your goals or continuing to fall further from your goals.

If you are not currently a member and want to participate, membership is only $29 per month. Reach out to get set up right away.