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By November 11, 2019Monthly Newsletter

Holiday Hustle – November 17th – December 31st
Huff & Puff – November 17th – December 31st
Harvest Workout – November 27th – 9am – 10:30am
Holiday Pot Luck – December 14th – 12pm – 2pm
Free December – December 14th – End of Year
Holiday Melt Off  – December 28th – 9am – 11am

Holiday Hustle
Keeping you on track through the holidays is the name of this game!  November 17th – December 31st we will be working on working out through the holidays.  We know how busy it can be this time of year and our daily routines can become much more busy.  This is why we want to help you maintain consistency with your health and fitness goals.

Entry fee is a donated bag of non-perishable food, baby items or cleaning products for the Muskegon Rescue Mission that can be brought into SNW Fitness before the challenge begins.

Beginning November 17th, you will earn points from the following activities:

  • Attend a Class or PT Session
  • Bring a Friend, Family Member or Co-Worker
  • Submit a Healthy Holiday Recipe
  • Complete the MyZone “Huff and Puff”


  • 1st Place – $50 Studio Cash and a Hydroflask
  • 2nd Place – $25 Studio Cash and a Hydroflask
  • 3rd Place – Hydroflask

If you are worried about straying from your workout routine, gaining weight through the holidays, and having to start again in the New Year, this is for you.  We are all in the same boat and are here to support you through the holidays.

Huff & Puff
This is a MyZone challenge within the Holiday Hustle challenge, November 17th – December 31st.  A MyZone tracker is a wearable heart rate monitor that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity and is 99.4% accurate next to an EKG.

  • Earn 1500 MEPS and earn yourself 400 points in the Holiday Hustle!
  • For every 500 MEPS earned, get an entry for a chance to win an extra month of classes!

Strap on your MyZone and get to work earning those MEPS!  Don’t have a MyZone?  Let’s talk!  You can purchase a MyZone for $20 off between November 17th – December 31st.

Harvest Workout
Get a quick workout in before Thanksgiving dinner with some cardio, strength, flexibility, and meditation.  You will also earn points towards the Holiday Hustle!  Wednesday, November 27th 9:00 – 10:30 am

Holiday Potluck
You won’t want to miss this potluck!  We will be warming up at the studio with a Mexican fiesta, games, and a lot of fun!  We know it is a hectic time of the year but we consider you more than “just” members and clients.  We would like to invite you and your loved ones to get to know us a little better by joining us in a little holiday fun and entertainment.  December 14th – 12pm – 2pm

Free December
Our gift to you this holiday season is here!  Member or not, you can do as many classes an you like, here with us, starting December 15th – December 31st!  Start telling your friends, family, neighbors, everyone and bring them with you.  The only thing we ask is that you give us a heads up so we can plan our classes accordingly.  Hope to see you in class!

Holiday Melt Off
Last chance workout before the new year.  Another chance to end your year feeling healthy and strong.  December 28th – 9am – 11am

Thinner Winner Awards

  • Biggest “Loser” Team and the winners of the $1,500 is Team Bod Squad with a 7.6% loss, 78 pounds, and 41.25 inches!
  • Biggest “Loser” and the winner of 1 free month and a free makeover is Deanna K.  She lost 9.8% overall including 19.8 inches!
  • Team Spirit was awarded to “Liar Liar Legs On Fire”.
  • Fitness Crazed was Krisena R. attending 34 classes.

Future Events
Stay tuned for our future events including how to start your New Year off right with Kickstart and a Free Seminar: 3 Weight Loss Truths that will Change Everything”, both coming in January!

*If you are interested in, or have any questions about any of these events, please contact us at 231-750-2525.